Gmail Like Interface For All Trips

Tripbox Combines the Traditional Web and Mobile with the Power of A.I. Bot


Gmail Like User Interface to Keep All Travel Request In One Place


Send and receive travel requests from Inbox.

Respond to travel requests like how you normally send emails.

Review responses by Bot and takeover to respond manually.

Approving the travel requests etc, all from within Inbox.

Assign work to agents and track the SLAs automatically.

Employees, Managers and Travel Agents Are Guided by A.I. Bot Within Tripbox

Employee is assisted by Bot to make personalized and travel policy compliant choices. Bot always checks real time savings and makes suggestions. Guides the employee to comply with travel policies.

Manager is assisted by Bot to save costs to corporates. Bot always checks for real time price fluctuations and policy compliance.

Travel Agent productivity is increased 10x by the Bot. Auto responds to employees with travel options. Understands employee requests and prepares responses for agents review.

Tripbox Brings Together Everything

24x7 Operations With A.I. Bot as Virtual Agent
Bot automatically understands and responds to incoming requests.

Service All Travel Requests From Inbox
No need to toggle between multiple tools. Tripbox brings everything together.

Workforce Management
Efficiently allocate and track team workload. Achieve SLA compliance.

SBT & Non-SBT Travel Requests At One Place
Leverage the power of AI to consolidate online & offline requests.

Customer 360
All customer data in one place. Personalize for a better experience.

Recommendation Engine
A.I. Bot by side always for assisted travel booking experience.

Inbox for all Trips


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